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DAD provides instant access to clear, practical advice from experts, about everything from DIY to home repairs via video call.

We’re sharing DIY & home repair wisdom across the UK.
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Shameer from Solihull called DAD whilst attempting to affix his new curtains.

Clear impartial advice

Fixing up your home is easy when you know how. Call DAD for down to earth advice from home repair experts with lifetimes of experience.

Say bye to confusing jargon.

Instant know how

Save yourself time by getting it right first time. A video visit from DAD helps you understand exactly what’s required to get the job done.

Say cheerio to wasted time.

Big Value

A call to DAD allows instant face-to-face access to your home repairs. If you require a home visit, we know what parts to bring and we arrive ready to fix.

Say farewell to call-out fees.

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