5 Nutritional Supplements That Every Father Should Be Taking

As we all get a little bit older day by day, there are some unexpected health issues that can creep up on us fathers. Some of these may seem like they are happening overnight, but they have actually been developing for quite some time. The key is to address these problems before they rear their ugly head.

Has This Ever Happened to You?

One of the first signs I noticed that I was getting older was having to go through the whole process of waking up in the morning. I used to be able to literally jump out of bed in the morning and feel like I was still a teenager. However, by the time I reached 35 years old, things changed.

Now when I climb out of bed slowly in the morning, I wonder how I managed to injure myself in my sleep. Why am I saddled with a limp after I went to bed relatively healthy? Did those darn aliens abduct me once again?

Unfortunately, it is just a sign of getting older for us fathers. We spend the majority of our morning moving around like the Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz pleading for the oil can for his stiff joints.

However, there are supplements that all fathers should start taking today to combat the aging process. When it comes down to it, the goal for all of us should be living a healthy and long active lifestyle for the sake of our family!

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Fix the Joint Pain

There are a few common supplements a person can take to combat joint pain and arthritis problems. For example, taking a daily glucosamine and chondroitin supplement can do wonders. Glucosamine levels drop as we age and, in turn, it reduces the amount of cartilage in the joints. This results in bone grinding away on bone. By keeping your glucosamine levels high, you can prevent joint pain before it even begins. As of right now, it might just be your knees giving you problems, but with the right supplement you can help your knees and keep the pain away from other joints.

Protein Shakes

As men age, our muscle mass gradually reduces. In fact, we can lose five percent of our muscle mass every decade after the age of 30 even if we are living an active life. It could even be much more if you live a sedentary lifestyle as well.

But if you start increasing your protein intake now, you can combat that muscle loss. Furthermore, you may just be able to add more muscle to your frame in the process. Protein, combined with strength training, can build muscle. Plus, there have been studies completed where just increasing the amount of protein you are consuming daily can help you retain your muscle mass better.

It can be difficult taking in more than one hundred grams of protein per day on an average diet. To simplify it better, drinking a protein shake in the morning and one at night could do the trick. An average protein shake usually contains right around 30 grams of protein. If you take two a day, that will give you 60 additional grams of protein per day in your diet.

Omega 3s Can Fix What Ails You

I must admit that I am not a fan of seafood. Just about the only seafood I like is tuna fish straight out of the can. Because of this, I take omega 3 supplements on a daily basis.

Omega 3s supplements are perfect for a variety of health issues. There is literature out there and studies that have been conducted that demonstrate that omega 3s can treat depression, anxiety, heart disease, eye health, inflammation, and brain health.

There are numerous omega 3 supplements available on the market. However, do the research and pick the right one as they certainly are not all created equal. After all, who wants to choose the wrong omega 3 supplement and have that fishy taste in their mouth the rest of the day! Your cats may enjoy your breath, but the rest of your family won’t.


Heart disease is the number one cause of death for men in the United States. Whether it comes from blood pressure, stroke, or a variety of other reasons, even relatively young fathers can drop dead instantly from a heart attack. We have all heard the heartbreaking stories of young men dying and leaving their wife and kids behind; that is the last thing we want to happen to our family.

Magnesium can take care of your heart and keep a steady heartbeat as well. But magnesium can also help with insomnia, anxiety, headaches, fatigue, type 2 diabetes, and even constipation! All of these health issues could be remedied with a simple magnesium supplement.

Nitric Oxide Booster

Nitric oxide offers up several benefits. It can relax and widen your blood vessels and allow your blood to circulate much easier. This can help with high blood pressure and allows nutrients and oxygen to travel around much easier through the bloodstream. And it can give you a pretty good physical jolt. For me, a nitric oxide boost feels much like that pump you get a few sets into a workout at the gym.

It also has a much-needed benefit for men as they become older. It can help greatly in the bedroom. You may have taken Viagra or Cialis before in the past and these operate much the same way. But instead of being tied down to taking these when you need them, you would be better off just taking a daily nitric oxide supplement that will always have you ready at a moment’s notice for your wife. It assists you in maintaining the confidence you need in the bedroom and provides all the other health benefits as well.

Just because us fathers are getting older does not mean that we have to be at the mercy of Father Time. With the help of these supplements, you can still maintain your youth well into your twilight years.

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